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David D. Doerrier
eLearning Developer & Instructional Designer
with a Voice for learning!

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eLearningVoiceover.com provides professional voiceovers for eLearning courses and training videos.

With over 35 years of experience in the broadcasting and training industries, I offer a unique perspective into the eLearning field.

I have held positions with fortune 100 companies as an Instructional Designer, Classroom Facilitator and eLearning Developer.

I understand what it takes to create an engaging and effective eLearning course.

I use my knowledge of tone, pacing, and delivery to bring your courses to life with a voice that will keep your learners engaged until the very end.

Contact me today to learn more about my affordable eLearning Voiceover services.

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Why You Should Choose eLearningVoiceover.com

As a seasoned training and development expert and voiceover artist, I’m dedicated to delivering exceptional audio recordings that will help your eLearning courses make a lasting impression.

My upbeat and approachable tone will keep your learners connected and motivated, while my extensive training background ensures that your content is delivered with expertise and precision.

Get in touch with me today and take advantage of my experience to produce courses that are both informative and enjoyable to learn!


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